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The Kelly Family - Charlotte, NC
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Welcome to the Kelly family website! This website was primarily developed to announce the birth of our children and to share a little bit about the Kelly family.  

Photo Gallery
Elizabeth Grace Kelly
Born 7/21/02 @ 5:41 AM
8 pounds, 5 ounces
21" long

The meaning of her name:

Elizabeth: God's Promise
Grace: God's Blessing
Kelly: Family Name


Daniel Joseph Kelly
Born 9/15/04 @ 11:32 AM
8 pounds, 6 ounces
20.5" long

The meaning of his name:

Daniel: God Is My Judge
Joseph: God Will Increase
Kelly: Family Name

The Kelly Family - Charlotte, NC
3 November, 2012
Daniel finished his first football season. He is a superstar!

28 September, 2004
The guestbook link is now working although I am still tweaking the code. Please take a moment to  let us know who you are!

15 September, 2004
Daniel Joseph Kelly is born! His middle name is fitting, since Elizabeth was to be our one and only child.

13 September, 2004
The Kelly family website is in the process of being rewritten. We appologize for the non-working links. Keep checking back as they will go active soon.

8 September, 2004
Daniel has finally turned into the correct position. Two weeks prior, he was breached. The ultrasound shows everything to be normal. Only a matter of time now...
I'm Growing
Growth and weight charts for Elizabeth and Daniel
Our Travels
We've been around!
Since the early '80s, we've traveled the world and experienced many cultures.
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